Guest house'Nest-Shinshiro'has been opened in Shinshiro-city,Aichi the eastern part of Aichi. There ,you can use a whole building which is up to 13 peaple.We always welcome your ask or inquiries. Featured a spacious living room, you may have meetings or training sessions and parties here. Of course, we can help some catering or some services for them.


Guest house'Nest-Shinshiro'

Location: about 10min from Highway Shintomei Shinshiro lamp

              free parking a lot

 Fee: we just provide you with beds 
        1-4: JPY17280

        we charge JPY4320 /person 5-8
        we charge JPY3780/person 9-13

        we charge from 2 years old.

quick chart

        2adults + 1-year-old kid+ 5-year-old-kid JPY17280

        5adults  JPY21600

        9adults  JPY72900


we can arrange your meals.Of course you can use the kitchen.